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Your next vacation can be low-carbon

There are hundreds of cities accessible by high-speed trains around the world. Envision travelling guilt-free knowing that you chose a low-carbon rail option instead of excessive flying or driving.

Start planning your next vacation by looking at all the places you can go!

There are thousands of destinations in a variety of countries with uniquely fascinating histories and cultures!

High-speed rail in Asia: Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Uzbekistan
East and Central Asia
Northeast USA
Northeast USA
Map of high-speed rail corridors in the Middle East and Africa: Morocco, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia
Middle East and Africa

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The Blur Rail Booking Process

Once you select your trip, this is the six-step process you can expect to ensure you get
the best value for your vacation’s low-carbon transportation.

The Blur Rail booking process
1. Select the trip

You can browse our site for your preferred trip, deal, or custom booking request. Once you find the trip you want, complete the form and submit your booking request.

2. Quote

A Blur Rail licensed travel agent finds the best ticket for you based on your stated priorities, and sends you a quote by email.

3. Review and buy online

You review the quote online and can purchase the reservation securely through our website.

4. We send you your e-tickets

Our travel agent completes your order and sends you an email with your e-ticket.

5. Read your e-ticket

You receive the email with the e-ticket. Be sure to read the details of your reservation. Take the e-ticket with you to the train.

6. Board your train

Arrive at the station at the reservation time, and board your train. Enjoy your journey!