Sale and Transport Rules

Contract of Carriage

TCDD TAŞIMACILIK A. Ş. or TCDD TAŞIMACILIK A. Ş. Any passenger who has a travel document accepted by TCDD TAŞIMACILIK A. Ş. is considered to have made a contract with.According to this; TCDD TAŞIMACILIK A. Ş. It undertakes to transport the passenger from a departure point to a destination within the conditions determined. The passenger is TCDD TAŞIMACILIK A. Ş. It is deemed to have accepted the rules regarding transportation.

The “contract of carriage” concluded is usually confirmed by a paper and / or electronically issued document (referred to as a ticket) valid under the conditions set for the requested journey. The ticket is issued for all kinds of travel within the scope of this tariff. The contract starts when the passenger gets on the relevant train or vehicle at the exit point specified in the ticket and ends with the departure from the train or vehicle at the destination.

A ticket is proof that the conditions of carriage have been accepted until proven otherwise. TCDD TAŞIMACILIK A. Ş. Sales system records are taken as basis, the passenger is deemed to have accepted this provision.

In the event of extraordinary circumstances (force majeure etc.) not caused by TCDD TAŞIMACILIK AŞ or in the case of safety-related obligations in railway traffic, the transport contract is deemed to have lost its validity.

In trips subject to special conditions or with at least two different means of transport, tickets can be issued as a single ticket to cover more than one trip according to the destination, and separate tickets for each trip. A single ticket may also contain several carriage contracts, provided that it is clearly stated in the special conditions of carriage.

If other means of transportation such as buses, ships, suburban trains, etc. will be used in the journeys to be made, the provisions of the law and tariff applicable to the transportation vehicle used are applied for the trips to be made by these vehicles.


The ticket is a document that allows the passenger to travel on paper or electronic media for each journey, directly through the sales channels of TCDD TAŞIMACILIK AŞ, indirectly through authorized agencies.

Some cards or documents issued according to the nature of the voyage and the passenger also serve as tickets.
Each ticket has a fee and validity and special conditions, and the passenger carriage is carried out on the condition that the travel fee is paid in advance.

For E-Tickets, the above information is also included in the e-mail printouts received from the system, depending on the nature of the voyage. In the case of ticket sales to Anahat and YHT trains, the information SMSs sent also replace the ticket.
The information that should be included on the tickets may vary depending on the nature of the trip, the nature of the passenger and sales channels.

Ticket Types

There are 2 types of tickets that are charged according to the right of change and refund.

Standard Ticket : It is a ticket that can be bought up to 5 minutes before the departure of the train, and gives the right to change to an open ticket and one time change without the right to refund. Tariff discounts are valid on these tickets.Flexible Ticket: These are the tickets that give the right to change, refund and convert to open ticket 3 times. It is sold for a little more than the standard ticket price. Tariff discounts are valid on these tickets.

  • Different ticket types are applied only on YHT lines as of today.
    Sale Times for Tickets
    Except for special cases;
    Train tickets for YHTs are up to 15 days before the start date of the trip and 30 days before the mainline trains ; reservation and ticket sales begin.
  • Regional train tickets are sold on the day of travel.
    Ticket sales transaction request can be made up to 5 minutes before departure from the selected exit station of the voyage from the ticket offices, and up to 15 minutes before the departure of the flight from the selected exit station from other sales channels (internet, mobile, call center, etc.).

    Exceptional circumstances:

    There may be restrictions on the sale of certain voyage and ticket types due to the railway line constructions being made or various operational obligations arising from TCDD TAŞIMACILIK AŞ. The reservation and opening time of the tickets for the flights may vary. For this reason, passengers should make their ticket requests by following the warnings from TCDD TAŞIMACILIK A.Ş.’s website and sales channels before requesting their tickets.

    TCDD TAŞIMACILIK AŞ announces the stations, stations, stops, sales offices and working hours where it will sell tickets from the relevant workplaces and the website.

    TCDD TAŞIMACILIK AŞ may change, restrict or cancel ticket sales practices and rules for routes, trips, time and discounts.

    Issuing Tickets

    In general, tickets must be purchased up to 15 minutes before the commencement of the voyage in order for passengers to safely admit to trains.

    Tickets can be arranged in different ways according to the nature of the passenger, the nature of the voyage, the type of ticket and discount, sales channels and sales offices.
    Passenger should be able to provide the information about the travel they request (date, time, departure station, arrival station, discount, etc.) and personal information (name and surname or TR number, contact information, etc.) when purchasing the passenger ticket.

    The passenger who purchases his ticket should check the ticket and make sure that it is arranged in accordance with his wishes. After the ticket has been purchased, no request of the passenger is considered anymore.

    During the ticket sale, the passenger’s gender must be declared. The correct gender statement is the passenger’s responsibility.

    Tickets grant passengers the right to travel at the place reserved (if any) in the specified travel class. Each passenger can occupy only one seat.

    The responsibility of keeping the ticket and the documents substituting the ticket belongs to the passenger. After purchasing the ticket, the passenger must be able to present / prove the ticket and information.

    If the passenger who will travel with an E-Ticket cannot prove his ticket, he / she will get a new ticket.

    Some tickets need to be confirmed or validated before travel. Tickets without such validation or validation are not valid.

    Passengers who lose their ticket for any reason or cannot prove it can print their ticket free of charge based on the personal information provided during the sale.

    Exceptional circumstances

    Due to the operating obligation, ticket sales may not be made from the sales offices (toll booths) of some workplaces where the train stops. From these places, passengers admitted to the appropriate train must apply to the ticket control officer after getting on the train and get their tickets.


    E-Ticket; It is a transport document that the passenger can receive their ticket electronically in accordance with their travel requests.

    At the end of the sale, passengers are given information about the travel and a barcode as an “information note” that can be printed and this information is confirmed by SMS. Information note can be given in ticket format from trenmatik.

    E-tickets are sold to the numbered wagons of the YHT and mainline trains, they are personalized and non-transferable.
    Passengers should get on the train with an “information note” received from the system and a photo ID (identity card, driver’s license, passport, etc.). Passengers must be able to submit the information they give during the sale, such as the ticket-PNR number, barcode, Turkish ID number, name and surname, related to the E-Ticket sale at checkpoints and trains.
    E-tickets can be exchanged and / or refunded according to certain conditions.

    TCDD TAŞIMACILIK A. Ş. It does not accept any responsibility for the interruption, non-completion of the transaction, error, interruption, deletion, loss, interruption of the transaction and communication, viruses, unauthorized access to the user’s computer, modification or use. E-ticket information TCDD TAŞIMACILIK A. Ş. TCDD TAŞIMACILIK A.Ş. in case of dispute until proven otherwise. system records are valid.

    The passenger who uses the E-Ticket system maliciously can be banned from using this system if detected.

    If there is a dispute about e-tickets issued electronically, the ticket must be converted into a physical (material) ticket and necessary applications must be made.

    Validity of Tickets

    The passenger must have a valid ticket on the boarding trip. The validity of the tickets may vary depending on the type of travel.

    YHT, Validity of Tickets on Mainline Trains

    In general, on YHT and mainline trains, tickets are valid on the date of sale, expedition, wagon and ground number; Cannot be used on another date and time. Tickets for sales on unnumbered wagons on YHT and mainline trains are valid on the date and time indicated on the ticket. It is sufficient to be able to prove the ticket during the passenger controls.

    Validity of Regional Train Tickets

    Regional train tickets are valid on the basis of region, time, day and voyages or trips, depending on the travel distance. Physical ticket presentation is mandatory for regional train travels. The passenger cannot claim any claim for the regional train tickets not used within the validity period.
  • Regional train tickets are valid on the day of sale if the one-way ticket, and the return ticket is valid on the day of sale, including the return ticket the next day.


    The ticket fee consists of the sum of the travel fee determined according to the characteristics of the passenger and the trip and the requested service fees, if any, deducting the discounts.
  • The ticket fee for the passenger is included in the price on the ticket, with the deduction of the discounts and the addition of the service fees received.
  • The fees incurred for the passenger are TCDD TAŞIMACILIK A. Ş. may not be lower than the minimum transport fee set by. The minimum transportation fee is determined differently for each train type. Any fees incurred as a result of the calculations are rounded up to the upper 0.50 TL.
  • Fees incurred in ticket sales are valid at the time of purchase of the ticket for the requested travel. Later price adjustments will not be applied to the purchased ticket.
    The discounts currently applied on our company’s YHT and Outline trains;
    Tariff discounts
  • 15% for those who buy round-trip tickets: Applied for round-trip travels with open-to-sale trains between the same departure and arrival stations. If our passengers wish, they can choose different trains (YHT-Outline), different locations (1st and 2nd positions) and different wagons (sleeping, covered, etc.).
  • Youth 15%: Young people between the ages of 13-26 can benefit.
  • Teacher 15%: All teachers (including principal, deputy principal) working in public and private schools of all degrees and types affiliated with or approved by the Ministry of National Education, Higher education institutions (university, faculty, institute, college, conservatory, vocational school, practice and research centers), teachers of Turkish nationality working in foreign countries.
  • Group passengers with a minimum of 12 people 15%: Applies to passengers who want to travel in a group, provided that they are at least 12 people, regardless of their qualifications, or that they pay a fee in this number.
  • 60-64 age passengers 15%: It is applied to passengers between the ages of 60-64.
  • Local and foreign Press Card holders 15%: Valid for passengers holding a card issued to local and foreign press members by the Presidency’s Directorate of Communication.
  • Personnel 20%: Employed TCDD / TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş and other Affiliated Partnership Personnel, spouse, children, their retired and spouse.
  • Child 50%: It is applied for children between the ages of 7-12. (Children aged 0-6 can travel free of charge provided that they do not want a separate place.)
  • Passengers aged 65 and over 50%: Passengers aged 65 and over can use YHT and Mainline trains.
  • Military passenger 15%: Applied to officers, non-commissioned officers and military officers currently working in the Turkish Armed Forces, NATO military officers, experts, prolonged sergeants, corporals and soldiers (for travel with tickets without a dispatch notice).
    Free Transport

    These are the shipments made in accordance with international agreements and laws. Passengers who are granted free travel rights according to the relevant laws, by presenting the Free Travel Cards written “FREE” issued by the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services for their travels on passenger trains.

    Disabled passengers;
    Disabled ID cards issued by the Prime Ministry Administration for Disabled People,
    Disabled ID cards issued by the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services,
    -Id card with the phrase “There is a companion right in transportation” issued by the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services for the severely disabled, By showing the ID card with the barrier rate,

    In accordance with the agreements made with foreign railway administrations, foreign railway employees submit their permit documents, they can travel for free.

    Passengers who want to benefit from these discounts and who have the necessary qualifications were received from the relevant institution and TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. It must present the documents accepted by the Company at the time of sale and during the controls. Otherwise, “ticket on train” provisions are applied.

    Necessary documents for the application of the discount, trips to travel, classes, the number of places to leave and sales rules, if there is no separate provision in the law, TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. determined by.

    In some cases, the passengers who will benefit from the free travel according to the law, TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. It is required to be registered in the customer relations management system or the institution to which it is affiliated. If the passenger is not registered, he / she cannot benefit from discounts.

    On travels with legal discounts, the discount right covers only the travel fee. The fee for the service requested by the passenger is collected separately.


    TCDD TAŞIMACILIK A. Ş. In order for the passengers who travel regularly to travel easily and to benefit from some discounts, cards are issued and offered for sale.
  • Cards TCDD TAŞIMACILIK A. Ş. can be purchased and edited through the sales channels determined by.
  • Cards are generally prepared with a name and / or photograph. The issuance of some cards is subject to the presentation of the proving official document.
  • An official document (such as identity card, driver’s license, passport) must be submitted to prove the identity of the person in order to issue personal cards. During the sale of the cards, the passenger, TCDD TAŞIMACILIK A. Ş. Registration to the customer management system is mandatory.
  • Personal cards are not transferable and do not grant travel rights to more than one person. Cards issued within the scope of corporate agreements provide the holder with the right to travel under the validity conditions
  • . officers confiscate the card without warning and paying no refund fee. According to the characteristics of the card, a “ticket on the train” is issued to the passenger in this situation, and the card holder can be prevented from using the card again. Cards that are stolen or lost for any reason will not be reissued and no refund will be made.

    Travel Cards and Subscriptions

    Travel cards and Subscriptions are sold to be used in the types of voyages running on the requested routes and provide the owner with the right to travel under validity conditions.
    The terms of sale for travel cards and subscriptions are TCDD TAŞIMACILIK A. Ş. determines. It buys the travel card and subscription that best suits the passenger situation.
    Travel card and subscription holders must take a number to board the trains traveling with a call number. Depending on the type of subscription, an additional fee may be charged for call number requests or reservations.
  • Subscription cards can be used in lower classes and trips under the same track and validity conditions.
    In the event that the card’s validity rights expire during the journey, the card is valid until arrival.

    On mainline trains that have both numbered and unnumbered wagons in their organization, the passenger with the subscription can travel in the unnumbered wagon with his valid subscription. In this case, the subscriber owner accepts the standing travel.

    In order to be included in the mainline and YHT trains with a subscription card, one round trip right is granted on the same day.

    Passengers with regional train subscriptions can directly board regional trains without any action within the validity of the subscription.

    Changing Tickets

    Changing is the process of correcting the travel information partially or completely at the request of the passenger. The transaction results in the issuance of a new ticket.

    Replacement, in principle, means the termination of the first contract of carriage and the acceptance of a new contract.
    Tickets sold only to YHT and mainline trains can be changed within the ticket type rules. Tickets sold to regional trains cannot be changed.

    Change transaction request can be made from toll booths up to 15 minutes before departure from the departure station, and from other sales channels (internet, mobile, call center, etc.) up to 30 minutes before departure from the departure station.
    The request for change process to be made due to the delay of the train is made only to the station counters or to the representative offices working at the station.

    Changes, deductions and reimbursement are made according to certain rules. There may be restrictive rules stated in the sale regarding the change of tickets. At the time of reservation or sale, it should inquire whether they have the right to change the passenger ticket.

    Ticket changes are limited to three transactions. No other changes will be made for the tickets used in any way whatsoever. Tickets are not refundable.

    Group tickets cannot be changed. The ticket is returned according to the refund rules and a new ticket is issued.
    If the new ticket fee resulting from the transaction is more than the old ticket price, the difference is charged. If the new ticket price is lower than the previous ticket price, the difference is refunded through the channel from which the payment was made. If a partial payment was used when buying the ticket, it can be converted into an open ticket voucher upon refund request.

    Any fees incurred as a result of calculations in the exchange process are rounded up to the upper 0.50 TL.
    In case of changes in train sequences or times due to operational reasons, the tickets of our passengers are replaced with new ones, if possible.

    In cases where a change is not possible, the first tickets of our passengers are refunded and the ticket fares are refunded according to the payment channels without interruption. In this case, the ticket fees collected by credit card from the website, call center and mobile applications are refunded to the same credit card. Refunds are reflected to the account after a certain period of time by the bank, according to the credit card agreement of the person. Cash fees and fees paid with open tickets are converted into cash payment vouchers and any TCDD TAŞIMACILIK A. Ş. It can be collected from the box office.

    Tickets that are sold on a low-cost basis or on a promotional basis are replaced with new tickets under the same conditions. If this is not possible, the ticket will be returned uninterruptedly. The passenger cannot claim any rights.

    Change Principles of Round Trip Tickets:

    Out of the round-trip tickets purchased from our system, only the departure or return (without using the outbound) of the standard and flexible tickets that have the right to change cannot be changed. After the outbound part of the trip is completed, the return ticket can be changed.

    In the process of change without using a ticket, both the outbound and the return must be changed at the same time.

    Return Ticket and Open Ticket

    Refunds are the complete cancellation of a ticket.
    Only tickets sold to YHT and mainline trains are refunded within the rules. Tickets sold to regional trains are not refundable. On YHT trains, only tickets purchased as flexible ticket type can be refunded.

    Ticket refunds can be made through authorized sales channels. If there is a restrictive provision on the sale of the ticket, no refund will be made. While purchasing the passenger ticket, it is deemed to have questioned the right of return and accepted the terms.

    Refund request can be made from toll booths up to 15 minutes before departure from the departure station, and from other sales channels (internet, mobile, call center, etc.) up to 30 minutes before the departure station starts.

    No refunds are made to sold tickets of the train that has moved. The refund of delayed train tickets is only for TCDD TAŞIMACILIK A. Ş. It is made from the station and station sales offices.

    All tickets that cannot be used in whole or in part due to TCDD TAŞIMACILIK AŞ, and tickets for transit trips missed due to delay are refunded without deduction. The prices of these tickets can be converted into open ticket vouchers if desired.
    In the return of tickets sold to YHT and mainline trains, the passenger is asked for information about the ticket and identification. In case of a request for the refund of E-tickets from TCDD TAŞIMACILIK AŞ sales offices, proof of identity is requested from the passenger.

    Tickets that cannot be proved and presented, lost or found to have been stolen or used before will not be refunded.
    In the return of tickets purchased based on a discount, the discount is withdrawn and the remaining fee is refunded.
    If only the return part is to be refunded in the outbound-return tickets, the discount for the entire trip will be withdrawn, and the remaining amount will be refunded by deducting the fare paid by the passenger.

    Individual refund requests are not accepted for group tickets. The refund request is made by the group manager. Refund includes all tickets in the group.

    Upon the request of the open ticket passenger or for the tickets that do not have the right to change and refund.

    Deductions and Reimbursement

    The deduction is made to compensate the lost income due to the failure to resell the places that are sold.

    In the sale of the ticket, if there is no restrictive provision regarding the refund procedures, a deduction is made depending on the type and day of the trip and the remaining amount is returned to the passenger through the channel of payment.

    Refunds for tickets purchased with credit cards are made to the credit card used.

    In sales made using a mixed payment, the remaining amount after the refund is paid into an open ticket.

    In the return of group tickets for small groups, the refund will be made to the group manager and through the paid channel.
    Deductions in Outline and YHT Tickets;

    Refund request is 10% until the departure day of the trip, 20% when the refund request is made on the starting day of the trip.

    Deductions are made.
    Regional train tickets are not refundable.

    Open ticket and its use

    Upon the passenger’s request, the tickets you will change or refund can be converted into OPEN TICKETS valid for six months without any “refund deduction”.

    Open tickets can be used instead of money by adding the open ticket number on the screen that appears by clicking the ‘use open ticket’ button on the fare payment screen, without separating the track and train, on YHT and Mainline trains.
    The demand for a call can be made from the toll booths up to 15 minutes before the departure station of the voyage, and from other sales channels (internet, mobile, call center, etc.) up to 30 minutes before the departure station.

    When the validity period of the open tickets expires, when all or part of the open ticket is used to buy a ticket, the entire open ticket price becomes invalid and the remaining price, if any, is not refunded in any way.

    Tickets purchased with open tickets do not have the right to change or refund.