Blur Rail offers a loyalty rewards program for registered travelers to earn points for every trip purchased and receive discounts on future trips wherever we book rail travel.

Register your account

Sign up now for an account and receive 300 points. That’s worth $10 off your first trip!
If you leave an approved review after your trip, you will receive 150 points! That’s worth $5 off your next trip!


For every US dollar you spend booking travel with Blur Rail, you earn one point.

To receive a discount on trips, you must exchange 30 points to receive a $1 discount. You may use partial amounts of your accumulated points for a partial discount on any trip.


Book a trip on

Browse our website for popular trips around the world or request a booking for a custom trip reservation. You will receive points for this trip to use on your next trip.

Review your trip

After you’ve completed your trip, we would love for you to leave a review on the trip detail page. If you leave an approved review after your trip, you will receive 150 points! That’s worth $5 off your next trip!

Arc de Triumphe

Book your next trip with us

Points accumulated are good for travel anywhere we book in 21 nations around the world with high-speed rail. Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Morocco.


Earn Elite status, and join the Low-Carbon Club

If you earn 2,000 points within 12 months, you will earn a 5% discount on all additional trips during the remainder of those 12 months. In order to maintain your elite status, you must travel again within 3 months after the 12 months have expired. Low-Carbon Club membership can be purchased for an annual subscription of $150 per year.

Frequent local travelers

Travel between New York and DC often? Earn discounts on high-speed train travel in Europe and Asia! Also, if you frequently travel on one route, after 30 trips, your next trip can be free!

Refer someone to Blur Rail

If you refer someone to register with us, we will give you 600 points, worth $20 off your next ticket. The new traveler will earn an additional 150 points for being referred by you, an existing traveler.

Thank you for choosing Blur Rail for your low-carbon travel bookings. We look forward to having your on board our Rewards program!

Ways to earn rewards

Here’s a quick summary of all the ways you can earn
points for easy reference.

Activity Points Discount
Register your account 300 $10
Review your Trip on 150 $5
Book Madrid to Toledo (our shortest trip offering) 35 $1.16
Book London to Amsterdam (our largest standard trip) 1132 $37.73
Refer someone to Blur Rail 600 $20
Receive a referral from an existing user 150 $5

Terms of Use


Points expire after five years, so go ahead and take more weekend trips to improve your holiday adventures, or reduce travel expenses for your company.

Price variability

Trip Prices listed are subject to vary depending on customer options, time of day, demand, or other factors set by our rail partners outside of the control of Blur Rail, Inc.

Not cash redeemable

Blur Rail points are not cash redeemable and are only valid for future travel booked on