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Shanghai to Hangzhou – round-trip

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Travel efficiently by train on board China Rail from Shanghai South (上海南) or Shanghai Hongqiao station (上海虹桥) to Hangzhou South (杭州南) or Hangzhou East (杭州东) in as little as 46 minutes!



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Carbon footprint

You will use about 8.6 kg of carbon dioxide per passenger on this trip. Each passenger will save about 474.2 kg of carbon dioxide instead of flying on this trip and 26.2 kg instead of driving!


Prices shown are typical estimates and not final. Variability in final cost of the booking could be slightly more or less than the amount shown here. Variability depends on off-peak and flexibility factors. We will book your trip based on your stated preferences. You may be charged a small fee to cover the cost of your preferred ticket or refunded a portion of your purchase to ensure you receive a competitive rate for your final booking.



Additional information

Fare Rules

Ticket on departure: ticket must be received in exchange to voucher in ticket office of China Rail.

Ticket with seat reservation included.

Tickets are refundable. Fees may apply.

Refund of the ticket is possible no later than 4 hour before the departure of the train.

Ticketing rules

Actual ticket is available for pickup at the station. Generated document from Blur Rail consists of travel details and the booking confirmation number. This number (and passport or any other document) can be used to get your ticket at the railway station or at the ticket office.

Refund and void policies

Voiding tickets are not available on China Rail.

Refund functionality is available. The refund fee is as follows:

Refund rail ticket within China
from 0% penalty for refund more than 15 days before departure time
from 5% penalty for refund from 15 days to 48 hours before departure time
from 10% penalty for refund from 48 hours to 24 hours before departure time
from 20% penalty for refund from 24 hours to 4 hours before departure time

The refund request must be submitted at least 4 hours before the train departure, otherwise the refund can not be made.

Document type requirements

There are five document types allowed for China Rail tickets purchase

First generation IC (identity card)
Second generation IC (identity card)
Permission for HongKong, Macau
Permission for Taiwan

Specific information for China issued ID cards

All Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan residents using the China issued ID cards must be authenticated by China Rail at stations before they can book in online platforms. The name of the passenger must only be in Chinese, the English name is not acceptable.

For Hong Kong and Macau IDs the holder's information will be real time authenticated and is the 9 character ID number.

For Taiwan IDs the holder's information will be real time authenticated and is the 8 digits ID number.

All Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan residents using Passports the name of the passenger can be in English.


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