• “münchen” photo by pfatter (some rights reserved)
  • “München 2016” photo by Wilhelm Lappe
  • “München” photo by Stefan Jurca

Berlin to Munich – round-trip

 286.86 293.94

Travel with reliability on board Deutsche Bahn from Berlin’s Central Hauptbahnhof to Munich’s Central Hauptbahnhof in as little as 3 hours and 55 minutes.



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  • Deutsche Bahn E-ticket will be provided on all class tickets.
  • Ticket on Departure should be exchanged into real ticket using the ticket vending machines located at the railway stations within Germany only.
  • Comfortable services on all types of trains.
  • Tickets are available in 1st and 2nd classes of services.
  • Paper ticket and reservation

Carbon footprint

You will use about 0.16kg of carbon dioxide per passenger on this trip. Each passenger will have saved 233.4kg of carbon dioxide instead of flying on this trip and 185kg instead of driving!


Prices shown are typical estimates and not final. Variability in final cost of the booking could be slightly more or less than the amount shown here. Variability depends on off-peak and flexibility factors. We will book your trip based on your stated preferences. You may be charged a small fee to cover the cost of your preferred ticket or refunded a portion of your purchase to ensure you receive a competitive rate for your final booking.

Image credits

•  münchen by pfatter (some rights reserved).
•  München by Stefan Jurca (some rights reserved).
•  München 2016 by Wilhelm Lappe (some rights reserved).


Additional information


Deutsche Bahn allows carry luggage as carry-on items or have it checked. Luggage length should not exceed 150cm in length (300cm when using luggage service) and weigh not more than 30kg, except when it is a wheelchair.


When travelling on high-speed trains, passengers are allowed to carry pets in special containers. If a dog cannot be transported in a carrier, passenger is required to buy a half-price ticket, so it can travel by train. When booking tickets online or bringing a dog on a cross-border journey, make sure to purchase a child's second-class ticket for it. Passengers who have booked a compartment for their exclusive use may bring dogs with them. Guide dogs are travelling for free on all trains.


Deutsche Bahn provides maximum comfort to passengers travelling in wheelchairs through its Mobility Service Center. Assistance may be requested through a special form that should be filled in before 20:00 of the business day proceeding the day of travel.


DB exchange policy is as following:

Flexible-fare (Flexpreis)

Refund and exchange are possible before the 1st day of validity without any fee.
Starting from the 1st day of validity refund and exchange are possible for a fee of 19,00 EUR.
Linked to specific trains: No.
Valid for 1 day for up to 100 Km – 2 days for more than 100 Km (for international journeys the ticket is valid for 15 days).

Saver-fare (Sparpreis)

Refund and exchange are possible before the 1st day of validity for a fee of 19,00 EUR.
Refund and exchange are not allowed starting from the 1st day of validity.
Linked to specific trains: Yes
even if there is no reservation included the customer must keep to the itinerary and/or trains on the selected date

(Please note that the exchange policy is subject to changes).


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