Our Coverage in Europe

Blur Rail provides our customers access to high speed rail corridors in twelve European nations.

High speed rail corridors in Europe

Coverage in Belgium, Netherlands, and the UK

The UK and low countries are served by two high-speed rail services with connections to the UK, Germany, and France.

Coverage in France

From the Mediterranean Riviera, to the Alps, the Atlantic coast and the English Channel, high-speed trains in France are extensive and reliable.

Coverage in Germany

From the Bavarian Alps to the Baltic and North Seas, high-speed trains in Germany serve many cities, each with their own unique features and charms.

Coverage in Italy

From Salerno to Venice and Turin, high-speed trains serve the major Italian cities, each with unique cuisine and distinctive architecture.

Coverage in Spain

The Iberian peninsula has an extensive network of high-speed trains, serving the Mediterranean and Atlantic coastal cities, the capital city of Madrid and other interior cities.

Coverage in Sweden

From the Baltic to the Kattegat, two Swedish rail carriers serve three major cities and several other cities in between.

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