Over 20 nations world-wide have high speed rail programs in operation and at least 10 more are under development. We are committed to simplifying and the booking process for you whether you wish to travel in Europe or North America, East Asia, or the Middle East.


high-speed train trips in Western Europe

From the Mediterranean to the Baltic, and the North Sea and Atlantic, explore the the rich cultural history of western European capitals and coastal metropolises from city center to city center.

East and Central Asia

Bullet trains from Tokyo to Tashkent

From the inventors of high-speed trains in Japan, to the unique engineering and styles in South Korea, Taiwan, China, and Uzbekistan, you are sure to enjoy the experience of traveling on the ground through these ancient and future-thinking societies.


Take the high-speed train in the Northeast Corridor!

From New England to the Mid-Atlantic, taking the high-speed train is faster and more carbon-efficient than flying or driving. Plus it takes you from downtown to downtown, whether you are in Boston, Washington or multiple destinations in between!

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We can’t possibly feature every possible trip that a high-speed train can take you on. However, our current site allows you to request a custom booking, including all the smaller cities with stations on high-speed corridors.