Founded in 2017, Blur Rail is a licensed travel agency specializing in high-speed train travel. We are based in Bothell, WA which is just north of Seattle. Forged in the Cascadia Clean Tech Accelerator program sponsored by the Clean Tech Alliance, Blur Rail is pleased to be in business in the Cascadia Innovation Corridor, a technology and transportation innovation region for over a century.

Blur Rail is comprised of a CEO, a Sales Administrator, and a board of directors.

Tana Green, CEO profile picture

Tana Green, Founder and CEO

Trained as an architect and an interaction designer, Tana became interested in the intersection of low-carbon travel and digital experiences when California voters approved proposition 1-A for high-speed rail between L.A. and San Francisco. After designing exhibitions for three national museums, Tana decided to focus her career on interpreting the future, instead of history. She is passionate about renewable development, architecture, travel, and delightfully usable digital experiences. You can learn more at

High Speed Rail USA

Created in 2009, High Speed Rail USA is now an innovative policy subsidiary brand of Blur Rail seeking to catalyze more development of high-speed rail lines within the United States.