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June 30, 2019
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I am pleased to announce the launch of as an online high-speed train travel agency. We are open for business and look forward to serving our customers traveling in the USA and eight European nations: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and the UK. 

We will focus on the best possible customer experience through our online booking portal, while planning for expansion throughout the high-speed corridors around the world. 

While we cannot be responsible for the actual operations of the rail company, we do take our customers’ needs seriously and will address them accordingly.

We have employed best practices for protecting your data and securing your accounts. It’s not just for compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations, but primarily to encourage peace of mind for our traveling customers. 

Whether you are a citizen of the EU, UK, USA, or are from around the world, please feel free to plan your trip with Blur Rail for business or vacations from London to Paris, Brussels to London, Milan to Rome, or wherever your low-carbon travels might take you. I thank you, our company thanks you, and the planet should thank you for choosing a low-carbon long-distance travel alternative to flying or driving. 

Pleasant journeys!


Tana Green
Founder and CEO
Tana Green, CEO

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