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Whether you love coastal cities or urban rivers, high-speed trains can take you to your favorite metropolitan places.

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High speed trains are running on four continents, and we currently feature North American and European corridors.

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We have low overhead, and pass the savings on to our customers.

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Love to travel and care about the planet? Riding high speed trains can dramatically reduce your carbon footprint instead of flying or driving.

Earn discounts on rail travel globally

Book with us, and earn discounts on your next high-speed train trip in 21 nations around the world with our Low-Carbon Club loyalty program. If you travel domestically on a high speed trains often, you will be able to earn reward points for reduced fares domestically, or internationally. We make the booking process simpler and valuable for you.

High-speed rail around the world

Twenty-one nations world-wide have high speed rail corridors in operation. We are committed to simplifying the booking process for you whether you wish to travel in Europe, North America, Asia, or Africa.

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Low-carbon trips in Europe

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We feature trips in eight European nations from the North Sea to the Mediterranean. Browse popular trips or request a custom booking for anywhere within Europe’s high-speed rail network.

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High-speed trains in the USA

From New England to the Mid-Atlantic

We feature several popular destinations in the Northeast Corridor. Click below to review the line from Boston to DC, browse typical trips to and from New York, or request a custom booking.

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